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Where can I see the roadmap?
The roadmap is available here.
Would you like to explain a bit how you got started with this exciting idea?
A core team is a group of friends from Georgia: 3 devs, a 3D artist, and a community manager. We wanted to build something fun and cool for the hackathon.
Having a world-class 3D artist on the team was an inspiration to do something about 3D in a browser, that was the draft of the idea.
Then, we started thinking about the product. 3D NFT marketplace was one of the early ideas, the main thesis being "it makes no sense to buy 3D stuff on 2D interface".
We quickly realized the tooling we had to build for the 3D NFT marketplace would not be too different from building a generalized 3D interface for any kind of protocol.
And so Altzone was born.
The main idea is for who?
Altzone is the first product in it's category so it's hard to define who will like it more.
We think Altzone is for everybody.
  • We are making it fun and intuitive for new users to use blockchain protocols.
  • We are building tooling that helps with complex DeFi strategies, we believe advanced users will love some of it!
  • We make NFT shopping more fun and intuitive.
  • ...
  • TBD.
Can you work full time on the project?
Altzone started as a hackathon project on May 26th.
The core team consists of individuals from different fields. We all share the values behind decentralized financial system, so we unified our strengths to build something that will help blockchain-based technologies to go mainstream.
We all have certain financial responsibilities and commitments in our personal & professional life. Unfortunately, we cannot yet afford to work full-time on the project.
For now, we are balancing our day jobs and the work we do on Altzone, it is not easy but we are razor-focused on building fundamentals the right way so that at a certain point we are able to fund the project development and dedicate all of our time & energy to build Altzone.
Any marketing members on your team?
We do not have a dedicated marketing person on the team yet.
Nick, one of our core team members, has experience doing digital marketing (SEO, PPC, media buying etc) and a large network of marketing specialists who can help Altzone get to the next level when the timing is right.
What you think about how important is marketing?
One of our primary goals is to help onboard the next wave of blockchain users. We obviously need marketing to find these new blockchain users.
In terms of priorities, for now, we are focused on development. We are doing minimal marketing.
Why did you decide to start on StarkNet?
We love the community and projects that are built on Starknet.
Low fees make protocols more accessible to a wider audience which will most certainly help us reach our goal of onboarding the next wave of blockchain users.
And, after all, Altzone started at a hackathon organized by Starkwar :)
With that said, for now, we are focused on Starknet, but since we are just building an interface, it makes sense to be available on other networks as well in the future.
Will transactions be real?
Yes, at the venues every interaction with the underlying protocol is real and 100% identical to what transaction you'd make if you were to use the protocol's website.
Are you creating a wallet to interact with the system?
We have no plans to build a wallet as of now.
Currently, we are supporting the Argent X wallet on Starknet.
Will you sell land?
At the end of the day, we want the Altzone world to be permissionless and accessible for everyone. Since we are not launched yet, it is too early to talk about the tokenomics of the project.
Right now we think it does not make sense to sell the land because it costs us nothing to have more land available for more protocols; plus having more protocols increases our ecosystem value because of network effects.
We are playing with an idea to sell good spots within the Gallery for example. So if you are an NFT artist and list your NFT for sale on Oasis, you could come to Altzone gallery and pay for a premium spot to display your NFT. This is not in our roadmap even but it's an early idea of what monetization of the project might look like.
Do you have any partnership in mind after JediSwap?
We are already working with Jediswap and Oasis to bring superior NFT shopping & DEX swaps.
For now, our focus is to build the fundamentals and have integrations with these 2 partners working smoothly. There is a huge interest from other protocols to be integrated into the Altzone world but we've made no commitments yet.
Have more questions? Feel free to contact us on Twitter or Discord!