What is Altzone?

Altzone is an alternative 3D interface for smart contract interactions.
Altzone is an alternative 3D interface for smart contract interactions
We are building a permissionless 3D world that integrates with blockchain protocols to offer you a more fun & intuitive way to interact with them.
We are basically a metaverse with a focus of interacting with existing smart contracts. We do not deploy or run our own smart contracts, we integrate with existing protocols to build disruptive user experiences.

Why reinvent the interface?

We think the website interface for many of the blockchain applications is broken, so we want to fix that. We think 3D interface is superior to what exists now. For example it does not make sense to shop for 3D NFTs on a 2D platform like OpenSea.

Who is this for?

Altzone's mission is to onboard next wave of blockchain users and make it easy for them to understand what's going on here in blockchain universe.
3D experience allows us to convey many of the complex, abstract concepts in simple visualisation. For example:
  • cross-chain bridges
  • composable DeFi strategies
  • DEX swaps
  • NFT shopping
We want to make these complex interactions accessible to new blockchain users.

Advanced use-cases

3D world gives us opportunity to create disruptive on-chain data visualizations. We are working with our partner protocols to deliver creative data analytics solutions that are accessible exclusively in Altzone.
We invite power users and core team members of other Starknet protocols to talk about how we can help them solve data analysis problems.
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